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From my chair to yours…

From my chair to yours.

“The creative mind is restless.”
– Rishi Kapoor

You have a restless mind, my friend said. I thought about this and replied, Do you think that’s the same as having a creative mind? I don’t quite remember her words after she agreed they are related, as my mind was off musing about this, and how I was definitely subject to both. How very me.

Her words had started me following this thought down the rabbit hole and where it was leading. I suppose I’ve always had an imaginative and restless mind. As a young girl, my immediate family was in show business and were always moving about, literally.My dad had certain dependency issues, coupled with chaotic activities, brought a mix of accomplished and unique people to visit our home. It felt like a strange land from day to day. Mom often filled my mind with original fairy tales about good and evil while putting me to sleep under a fluffy cloud of her hand-stitched, sequined costumes and petticoats. Doors often slammed with a loud voice in anger, and I would wake up, never knowing how the evening would continue. That may have been the beginning of my particular brand of inventiveness entering and taking hold. Until then, it was just nervousness waiting for a door to slam…. But, back to my restless mind. This is part of my emotional legacy. A part of me because there are several stories and parts to all of us. We all have our stories. As the years rolled by and I went through my own initiations of growing up, I learned to bring calm to myself and focus on my restlessness. To being creative with it. When focused, my monkey mind can be pretty darned productive. I never run out of ideas to choose from, never!

This year is nearing completion. I look back at 2023 with a detached, curious view of the world we live in, on and with. The dark sides and the lighter ones. I look at the decisions I’ve made in my 2023 life, what I’ve done, where I would tweak some things, and bring these modifications into next year. I will do this because I care about how I inter-act with myself and others. I care about my writing and my readership, and how to make it more entertaining for myself. To expand my heart and not become narrowed by age. All around, be a better person. Sound corny? Not original? There’s probably a reason for that. Yes, it is corny and all I want to do is also corny…..

I want to wish you an extraordinary year filled with magic along the way!

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