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Merry holidays and beware the infections

From my chair to yours.

“There only needed to be a few words spoken for them to behave like an infection, tainting a person’s mind.”
– Jennifer L. Armentrout, From Blood and Ash

I went looking for quotes online about infection. There are dozens of quotes all about COVID and other physical diseases. Physical diseases range from the mild to the incurable. Infection has always been widespread in different forms. But infection isn’t always about the body. Infection can make our mental and emotional being sick. Are there counter-measures that can help us with preventing these sicknesses of the spirit? Can we tell if we are in danger of picking up these germs that eventually cause infection? OK, soap box for a few seconds….

The infection I’m talking about is listening to an idea, voice, or commentary over and over until it eventually takes hold. The daily repetition, even when we don’t think we’re paying attention to the background sound bites, will take hold. Our mind is listening, she’s always listening. Many of the messages are laced with venom, ill-will, nastiness and intolerance. Giving an ear to these messages on screen or reading the daily “news” will eventually take hold. Follow where our focus is spending time. I believe life is better when we’re at ease, or inspired by a moment of awe. Walking around upset and angry is part of life sometimes. If it is becoming my life, well, I need to check in on how I’m spending my days. How I’m balancing out the ins and outs.

This time of year can squeeze the last drop of patience out of us. Isn’t that what holidays can be? Every day is like a search with so much to get into…or not. My choice? When I just stop my crazy mind, taking a long breath is the best way for me to slow down when I am whizzing around. To see all the enchanting things that are happening around the world I live on helps me with how I view the day. All the power of free will can be a more conscious thought, action, and intention. I am composing this on the Winter Solstice. The longest night of the year. Then begins the gradual ascent to longer days of daylight. Ok, I’m done.

Here’s a short story. I hope it makes up for my rant.

Needing to Believe
We all need something to believe in.
There seems to be a startling rate of humanity needing to understand what’s going on.
No man is an island—
we need each other, we belong to each other, this planet.
We all cast our hopes in quiet requests,
morning prayers, and outrageous demands.

Something good, authentic, and powerful is beginning,
slowly and mightily, it is traveling from the west to the east, north and south.
Sometime soon, there will be more extraordinary moments on this planet,
too numerous to stand alone and disregard.
These moments will blossom into beautiful stretches of grace and unity felt throughout.
Growing numbers will begin to participate.
But not today. Not yet.
(From Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts)

Happy holidays! I wish you a bunch of joyful days this week!
Catch a sunrise, or a moon rise…..let it take your breath away!

With love, Kas (CK)

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