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What’s your inner child up to?

From my chair to yours.

“It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.”
– Agnes M. Pharo

It’s here again! It slides in and before we know it, trees and candles, lights and sparkling stuff are all around. Of course, the commercial side is overpowering us with all the pazazz just around Thanksgiving, or the day after. It just seems to happen over-night. But for that little girl inside me, something bubbles up from the first days of autumn on. It may not be as easy to spot with all the earth changes, but it is still there peeping and playing her game of hide and seek. Personally, I love this time of year. As October flows in, I can sense the cooler air. I enjoy walking in the air as it becomes brisker, breathing it in. Huffing and puffing a little more now, bringing rosy cheeks is still a pleasure. The ritual of a new season refreshes my spirit. My heart lifts and my inner child comes into focus more often. My childhood was not the best. A lot of dark times with some light of jolly mixed in. But my inner child still lives and needs to be nourished. She is determined to come out more than ever during the holidays! A time of joy, hope, and a time to imagine. I love Springtime also but it doesn’t hold the zeal and unique delight as this time of year. It is not supposed to. Springtime has her own gifts.

I am creating little areas of magical figures and ornaments around my place. Easier and seems just right. If the snow arrives, and those of us in the Northeast are expecting a bunch, I love watching the young ones play in the snow.

There is a lot happening now. Everywhere. It always happens is varying extremes. So, I balance it out with the quiet and joy that is around. Small joys become a big. They add up to a season of love and hope.
I send you this love with all my heart.

Here is a story from my book: A Collection of Tiny Stories, Diminutive Tales from the Tip of my Imagination, that seems fitting.

Snow Angels

A Collection of Tiny StoriesI woke up lonely, feeling on the verge of depression. It was welling up again. It had just snowed two feet. I needed to get out of my house; it was feeling like a prison. Bundled up, I began a walk that was about to become a very unexpected getaway. Along my walk I trudged through paths that needed to be shoveled, paths thick with dazzling new snow. Looking around me, in awe of the quiet, I felt a sense of well-being sneaking its way into my soul. I came upon a sizable hill. It was still untouched by footprints. Off to my left, lying in the snow under a tree, was a young girl. She was moving her arms and feet in unison. She stopped and smiled up at me. I just looked at her. What was she doing out there alone? No one else was around, anywhere. “Hi, my name is Mary,” she said and then giggled. “What’s your name?” “Ed,” I answered. “Are you going to make a snow angel?” she asked me. “I never have,” I answered. “Come on. I’ll show you how.” I walked to her, making new footprints in the snow. After sitting down and falling backwards, I moved like she did, but I was not getting the arm-leg coordination very well, not in rhythm when I danced either. “Do what I do and copy me. Don’t worry, Ed; there is no wrong way.” I loosened up and just moved like a slow jumping jack, except I was lying in snow. “Bring her to life, Ed. Just pretend.” My eyes closed. I imagined it. A rush of laughter came up from inside me. I felt a little nuts moving my arms and legs in the snow. No one else was around. How long I lay there making the snow angel, I don’t know. I was outrageously proud of my first snow angel. Smiling, I opened my eyes to share my accomplishment with Mary. She wasn’t there. I stood up to find her. I found only my footprints in the snow. Where were Mary’s? In the utter quiet were both our snow angels, side by side. A sense of wonderment came over me. I will never forget this day, I thought. I looked for her again. Mary was gone, but her snow angel remained. I knew something unique had happened to me that day

Happy holidays in all their colors and traditions!
Sending love,
Kas (CK)

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