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A Yield of Plenty

From my chair to yours…

“You really can change your life and live your dreams on day one.”
– Bob Reina

As I enter this new year, and it is off to a swift start, I continuing to think about it.
I keep sensing it as a new beginning. Almost every day something occurs to me I may have known or thought about at another time, but it feels clearer, more finely tuned.

I’m more attentive to new ideas, to the thoughts, the feelings I get from them. If they’re coming up (or returning), the least I can do is follow the train of thought with this clear eye.
I revisit my intention to discern and make wiser choices as I pay attention to what is not serving my heart’s yearning, my worth, my joy.

Quality is more important to me than having more, doing more, over-reaching. Spreading my energies too thin makes me feel scattered, weakened…and cranky. I want to catch that over-doing more quickly.

I have a powerful belief in humankind. It seems we as a human race always teeter on the point of some annihilation before stopping.. Then another step forward together to fix and re-evaluate. Maybe this time…..

Here’s a little story from Musings, Woolgathering & Ghosts:

A Yield of Plenty

At times there is so much want inside me.  I am not satisfied with life. With what I have. I forget to notice the little things. The things that are little treasures I generally would cherish.

“Not enough, more,” I start to think too often. “They have plenty more than I have. I want more.” Now.” “When will my time of plenty arrive?” we all ask impatiently.

“I deserve it.” “Probably more than most,” we say. “Why do I always have to give?” “Why me?” We live our life day to day just existing. We forget how to harvest our yield of plenty. Our thoughts become enraged. “Our hearts, numb. “Why me?” We become over-whelmed by everything. We forget.

My grandmother had a plaque in her kitchen. It was over the sink where she washed the dishes. DO UNTO OTHERS. I would sneak into the kitchen and read it over and over. It made me feel like I had a secret.

Gathering my yield of plenty starts with a small gesture. Can I live like this? To simply feel I had plenty? Maybe that’s all I need.
Maybe I need nothing else to live my dreams.

I hope you are safe and well where you are.

All my love.


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