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January 2024 Quarterly – Think I’ll learn to fly

Come to the edge.
No, we will fall.
They came to the edge.
He pushed them, and they flew.
-Guillaime Apollinaire

A new year and a new energy that has already begun to enter. I am still thinking about the past year and things that occured, that might have happened, and stories I wrote about memories. It seems right for this moment to share some.


Memories are like ghosts. Events tucked in between today and yesterday. On occasion, they visit us. Reminding us of something rare we’ve experienced.

Years ago, on a walk up a steep hill, I spied a pair of tiny slippers thoughtfully placed side by side. Who did they belong to? Why would someone leave them on the hill? I have heard it said that when we least expect it, something happens.

Unexpected, unusual events occur.

On a particularly hot day I saw a big turtle ahead of me, on the asphalt path, not moving. Not knowing if it was dead or alive, I increased my pace and picked it up, and searched for signs of life. Nothing. I hoped it was asleep due to the heat. Then, as in response, it slowly drew its neck back into its shell. I carried this precious bundle over to a pond that appears after heavy rains. I rubbed my finger along the underside, wondering if the turtle would sense I meant no harm. I put the turtle down, in a shaded wet area by the pond, sure this is where it originally was on its way to. To this day I look for some sign of the turtle, wondering what happened.

One afternoon, I was driving along a back road when I saw something ahead of me. I slowly maneuvered around, careful not to drive over it. It was a robin that seemed stuck to the blacktop. I made a hurried U-turn, praying the few cars behind me would not run over it. Pulling up behind the bird, putting my hazard lights on, I stepped out of my car. Bending down, I gently picked it up. The bird started flailing, not able to fly away. I remember reading somewhere that birds scare easily. This can cause their heart to stop. A wing was severely injured. Cupping it in my hand, cooing and stroking, I placed it under a large, leafy sheltering tree far off the road. I heard a horn beep and looked to see a line of cars behind mine.

The car behind mine had been watching all this unfold, witnessing this moment. Another person got out their car and stood watching. There was a sense of quiet wonderment encircling us all. I placed the robin under the tree.

To this day when I drive by that tree, I wonder if there was more I should have done. Did anyone come back for the little slippers? Are they still there? I will never know. I moved away the next week. The ghosts still visit me on ocaasion.
(From Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts)

Photography Credit by Kas Sobey:

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