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Windows, birds, and snow angels.

From my chair to yours...

My windows face east where I live. I’m on the ground floor, which allows me to be closer to the “action.” It allows me to see an ever-changing landscape during the shifting seasons. The woods are deep, and right now thickly adorned with snow. I live at the perimeters of Valley Forge Park.

The birds are all different kinds, and some have brilliant colors. Winter can be such a festive time just watching what is right in front of me. For years I have gone out during the winter mornings to feed the birds, squirrels and sometimes, the deer. Though I have seen no deer for over a year, when I did, I would throw out dried corn cobs and berries. Of course, the squirrels enjoy the cobs and berries, and they really are for every one of these delightful, well-fed little creatures. When I’m in my peanut butter mood, I spread some on extra pieces of bread, only the best, and cut it up and toss it out as well. Nuts are always included. I probably should start a savings account just for their seed etc., as the cost runs up. I don’t have any pets at this time so, this is how my practical mind balances it out.

This morning as I write this, it is very cold, freezing in fact. Freezing for this area in SE Pennsylvania, and it actually is. We’ve received 5-7 inches of snow and it is 17 degrees. Feels like 8 degrees. My finger tips, well gloved, will attest to this. My neighborhood has had two power outages in the last 2 weeks. One for the heavy rains and then the freezing snow. I pray that we have no more outages and, if so, not for too long. I’m not sure where I would go just in case, but this will hopefully be answered with a few phone calls.

Having lived in S. California for 10 years, preparedness was a big thing there. I experienced three severe earthquakes and knew what to do and where to go in case my home was in danger.

I’m grateful my weather currently is not more intense. Please know I send out love and thoughts to you if it is more intense where you are. If not, celebrate and send some good thoughts to others who are experiencing hardships. We’re all in this together.

Snow Angels

I woke up lonely, feeling on the verge of depression. It was welling up again.
It had just snowed 2 feet. I needed to get out of my house; it was feeling like a prison.
Bundled up, I began a walk that was about to become a very unexpected getaway. Along my walk, I trudged through paths that needed to be shoveled. Paths thick with dazzling new snow.
Looking around me, in awe of the quiet, I felt a sense of well-being sneaking its way into my soul.
I came upon a sizable hill. It was still untouched by footprints. Off to my left, under a tree laying in the snow, was a young girl. She was moving her arms and feet in unison. She stopped and smiled up at me. I just looked at her. What was she doing out here alone? No-one else was around, anywhere.
“Hi, my name is Mary,” she said, then giggled. “What’s your name?”
“Ed,” I answered. “Are you going to make a snow angel?” she asked me.
“I never have,” I answered. “Come on. I’ll show you how.”
So, I walked over to her, making new footprints in the snow. Sitting down, then falling backwards, I started moving like she was BUT not getting the arm-leg coordination very well, not in beat when I dance either. “Do what I do and copy me. Don’t worry Ed, there is no wrong way.”
I loosened up and just began moving like a slow jumping jack except I was laying down in snow.
“Bring her to life, Ed. Just pretend.” My eyes closed, I imagined it.
A rush of laughter came up from inside me. I felt a little nuts moving arms and legs in the snow. No one else was around.

How long I laid there making the snow angel, I don’t know. I was outrageously proud of my first snow angel. Smiling, I opened my eyes to share this with Mary.
She wasn’t there. I stood up to find her. Only my footprints in the snow. Where were Mary’s?
In the utter quiet were both our snow angels, side by side. A sense of wonderment came over me. I will never forget this day, I thought.
I looked for her again. Mary was gone, but her snow angel remained.
And I knew that something unique had happened on my walk that day.

Be safe…

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