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Ancestral Dreaming

From my chair to yours…

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” -Stephen R. Covey

I am thinking about my linage today. It began when I was listening to the brilliant composition and sounds of West Side Story on one station I stream on, and the multi-ethnicity of being an American and all the problems that come along with it.I grew up on the upper west side of NYC; a very mixed bag of colors, country of origins, and economic plateaus. Remembering all of this while listening to the music and knowing the story touched me in personal ways.

Once upon a time, I hired a genealogist when I lived in San Diego to look into my family’s ancestry. I was brought up as an only child and it was amazing to look at all the data, proof of my family’s existence. I felt more like a part of a family, whole, when I saw old census reports dating back to the 1800s with their actual signatures.

What my genealogy detective, for this is truly detective work, found, was gathered through a multitude of facts, pictures, immigration papers, and even old newspaper clippings regarding the specific geography and historic events. She loved what she did, and it showed! She worked for years on my family tree.

I wonder at the way we look at race, color(s), skin tones, sex, and always classifying, labeling and placing in percentage groups. I hope to be around when we look at the abilities and talents of individuals rather than their skin color, sex, or origin of race. To move away from this old way of thinking that may have made sense a century ago. Like most good ideas, it became stagnant. Expand education of the arts and creativity, which has been proven to create brilliant minds of thinking. Ooops, here I go….

My branch of paternal Cornish roots dates back to the 1400s. Originally, it was deSobey, and was originally from Brittany. They were miners. Then, my Sobey side moved to Quebec and eventually Michigan. Miners. Sobey married Pyritz. Eastern European with Jewish roots. That’s all my genealogist could find, besides duPont, the French connection for my father’s side.. There was also a long Swedish line located as well that married into the Cornish.

My mother’s side is Norweigian-German-French. Her father’s father (my grandfather), was from Marseilles. His wife, my great-grandmother, was from Germany. Papa (my grandfather) was born in Cologne, Germany.

I am a true blue blood American. What an exotic mixture we Americans are!

Ancestral Dreaming
If you will allow your mind to wander,
become a benign witness.
Notice life around you.
Marvel at all this life we have lived through so far.
Raging tears at injustice, stupidity, some view as trivia.
Unbelievable loving care that flow forth from strangers.
Belly laughs and joy.
There really aren’t any strangers in the book of life.
The veil of differences between us is so sheer.
Why are we often so thick headed?
Some of us love to experience the roller coaster of life.
or, a smooth, measured existence is more often sought after.
What roots of lineage are ingrained in our DNA?
Maybe we are all the same family?
What journeys are still to come?
Even now unfolding?
Can we look forward with anticipation?
Or are we too exhausted?
There may be a gentle, skillful nudging that moves us forward.
That helps us on our meandering voyage of life.
We are not alone.
Never alone.

Thank you for reading

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