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Moments we hold.

From my chair to yours…

“The years go by. The time, it does fly. Every single second is a moment in time that passes. And it seems like nothing – but when you’re looking back … well, it amounts to everything.”
-Ray Bradbury

The following story may not be based entirely on fact.. However, all stories have some truth, don’t they?

A Moment Held
Yesterday, I remembered something that happened to me when I was much younger. It forever changed my life.
One night, I was looking at the moon and stars. The night sky was crystal clear. I felt I was in the center of the universe. Moonbeams and starlight all around me.
I heard a hum. Not sure where it had come from, I looked around and found a small object. It was a rough stone that glittered.
I brought it home with me. I wrapped it with care in a scarf and hid the bundled stone behind some books on a shelf.  Then I forgot about it.
Years passed, and life came and went in its multi-complex ways. Relationships began and ended. I became employed at different jobs. Some odd and interesting. I started a few businesses. Life moved along.
I worked on mastering the art of cooking. I did and became a part owner in a small restaurant.  One day I was searching for a certain book and found that old scarf I had hidden years ago. The old scarf was covered with dust. I opened it that night when the moon was full. I was excited and also anxious about what it might reveal after all this time. Evening arrived. The moon’s precious magic once again shining all her light.
I ate dinner, thinking about the stone wrapped in my scarf after all these years. I rinsed my plate and took my folded scarf out to the meadow behind my house.
With hurried hands, I untied the small bundle. I sat for quite a long time, under the moonlight, gazing at the once rough clump of stone. It was smooth.
The same lights still shimmering from somewhere within. I held it in my hand, this magical gift I had found long ago. I sat in the meadow. Just me, the rock, and the Universe. I felt I was part of something huge and grand. Comfort bathed me into a deep, relaxed place. I have never been the same since then, and will remember that night my whole life.



I left the stone in the meadow to be found by someone else one day.
Now, as my eyes close for sleep, I hold the scarf that once held my stone.
Remembering again the enchantment of it all.

What recollection(s), do you have at this momemt that is present and “held in time?”
Please share.

Have a good weekend and week ahead filled with new memories!

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