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“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”
-Keri Russell

Every day I have choices. Whether I choose to make a choice is my decision. One way or the other, not making a choice in still a choice.
Offerings, like choices, are the same, but to my way of thinking, there is a tiny difference. A choice is something that is offered by what (or whomever) is making an offer. It may involve some conscious thought and intention on my part. It becomes something to consider or…not consider. The offers come in all sizes and can have long lasting effects from our choices.

Today as I write this post, my Mid-Atlantic region is having a quiet blizzard. Quiet because of the winds not currently blowing with gusto, yet. The sky is blue, it is beautiful!

The trees are covered in snow fur and the brilliance of the birds decked out in their reds, blues, and the violet (shading of the mourning dove’s wings). The early day is so alive with their individual songs.
I have just come back from feeding them and decided to just leave my car with its cozy blanket of snow and not scrape and clean.
I may go out and drive a short distance to Valley Forge Park, where it will be even more like a painting with the squeals of kids sledding down one steep hill, but I think I’ll settle into a book I’m enjoying now. Sooley by John Grisham.
The book was a choice with others offered at my local YMCA in the game room.

The waiter stood tall and proud as he spoke about the daily specials for dinner.
I felt I was in an audience watching an intimate, one man show.
He glanced down at his notes to review.
Then, he continued with his performance.
Each selection was deliciously described.
He looked right in my eyes as he spoke.

By the end, I was spellbound.
How to choose one dish over the other?
Would my palette be satisfied with just one choice?
The blue cheeseburger was not a daily special.
I could not meet the waiter’s eyes when I ordered.
He smiled into mine and said, “good choice,” and winked.

I have come to realize that every day offers me something special.
Usually, more than one option,
but at least one unique choice.
My choices are seldom easy or pleasant,
but eventually are agreeable to me.

If they’re not, my stomach reacts unfavorably to the decision.
It may take hours for it to speak up, but, eventually, it does.
The blue cheeseburger seems easier to digest.

Choosing the right selection to eat is a lot like life.

Have a delicious week!

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