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The Road of Ghosts

"I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”
-Carl Jung
-address to the Society for Psychical Research in England, 1919


Like many of us, my areas of interest range far and wide. Maybe even farther than the “average bear.” For those reading this that may have missed the animated series, Yogi Bear and friends (1967/1968), one of Yogi’s sayings was “smarter than the average bear.” You had to be there, I suppose. It was a good, fun cartoon series for us in our lives.

I’ve recently been reading a page, or two, every morning of the book, Emmanuel, by Pat Rodegast. It’s somewhat like the Abraham Hicks concept of having a spirit reach through a person and have a conversation. Not possession in the slightest. I find the spiritual world and the multitude of subjects intrigue and enliven my thinking. Let me say that I am not speaking about religious views.
We’ve all had that feeling of deja vu. That “this” has happened before, or we meet someone you immediately feel a kinship for or ….don’t trust. Being a science-based person, when I am curious, the amounts of research on any subject is amazing and the ease of finding opinions, discussion etc., in our age makes it much easier to find!

The multifaceted studies of reincarnation, spirit, ghosts, guardian angels (not quite the children’s book kind), and reaching out to a soul when it has chosen to be “re-born” fascinates me. The overall consensus is yes, this is happening.

A book I read in my twenties that started to make sense about all of the above is titled, Here and the Hearafter written by Ruth Montgomery. (I am not making money for this mention).

One explanation I found that works for me is about a third of the soul (conscious energy), will reincarnate and the other part(s) are always “back home.” This is reasonable for me. Reason is important in my world. Exciting conversation to have during a get-together with a mixed group. So, to me, if I reach out, let’s say to my deceased mom, believing she has been re-born, that would mean that the part of her soul that remains in the divine mind would hear me and reach out to me. What I am thinking of as simpatico union. Stimulating the area of thought.

Ghosts and that sort are different in my mind. Energies that stay earthbound for different reasons. Another subject for an evening with friends to consider.
I had fun with the idea of ghosts and wrote a short tale.

The Road of Ghosts

If you look back far enough on the road you’re on, you may behold towns, shops, and places where a traveling circus would have stopped. Look long enough and you’ll be able to see the people that walked to town along this road. All you need is a bit of imagination, and you’ll see the road of ghosts. It’s a road not easily found, but if you’re lost, know you’re on the way to finding it.
The last known town on the road was in 1896. There had been a visiting doctor. He set up his table with his healing cures across the road from the library. The town library was next to the cemetery. That’s where I went to spend some time walking around. It was here that I saw the gravestone. I had been expecting something, a sign, a whisper to direct me, and it was here I found it, on the road. I knew this day would arrive, to be re-united with my memories. The pictures came rushing back.

Yes, my road of ghosts was in full revival! I finally found where I was buried so long ago. My visit to the traveling doctor had ended my life in this town. So much has been waiting for me on this road of ghosts. To relive the story in my mind, and what happened. In releasing that evening long ago, to allow the future lives I was to live. It wasn’t the fault of the traveling doctor; my death was never his fault. It wasn’t even myself I blamed any longer. I knew I had been cured of my cold and I was so happy. It was the library steps I was walking up. In a state of elation, I missed the last one and tumbled down. Cracked my head open. My suggestion is when you’re feeling lost and want to be found, discover a road that beckons you, and walk alongside it. See where it leads.
I did.

Have a good day!

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