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Solvitur Ambulando *

From my chair to yours…

* “It is (often) solved by walking.” - Diolgenes

Oftentimes when I walk, I chuckle, but lately, frowns and deep breaths are my demeanor. Anger, frustration and agitation accompany me a lot these days. Humiliation is also a companion.

I am part of this time. These times. What will be written in the history books about these times? This is not the worst time in history. It is different but with one theme that is always present.

It is like being involved at a great tipping point. This time of so much promise. Will we pull through and become the better for it? Of course. I would like to feel we will. Feelings are personal and not everyone is on the same page. But I hope most of us are reading the same book. I choose the book; Common Sense.
(Written by Thomas Paine in 1775-1776).

Sometimes I also feel like I’m in a country/world that I find to be a alien. Where the extremes of good and evil are the only reality. Certainly this has been an issue throughout history. It seems to be heading for a showdown, again.

It is the cooperation and reconciliation rather than waiting for the tinder to ignite; I ask for. But, I keep the faith strong.
My walks are deeper expeditions into nature. My walks bring me life. They enliven my weary spirit. Inspire my courageous soul. I enter secret places of communion. This time away from my vexation brings me longer moments of respite and I feel potential that’s been held, released.

I see my neighbors, community and others around me through a different lens. They are nice, inviting a smile from me. So simple.

I would like to see it come together peacefully in my lifetime. To dance in and out of step with the different harmonies. I’m ok with that.
Can we all dance together, in and out of step?
I’ll muse on this tomorrow on my walk.
Perhaps an Awakening, soon?

Here is a story that wrote itself on a walk. Fanciful but, why not.

The Newsboy

It was a long day, and all I wanted was to go home, shower and read something, I thought. I looked to my right before unlocking the door of my car. There was a young boy selling newspapers who I’d never seen before.
Interesting, I had walked by here every day for years. He probably just started selling papers in the neighborhood.
“Hi, nobody around to buy your papers?” I asked him.
“No mam, just waiting for you, I guess.” He answered, looking awkward.
“Are you always here? I don’t remember seeing you before.”
“I’m always somewhere close by, mam.”
“Buy a paper?” he asked.
“Love to. It’s been awhile since I read a daily paper.”
I paid him the fifty cents and turned to walk back to the car, happy about the evening that was taking shape.
A hot shower followed by a relaxed read was in the works.
I waved, and he waved back at me.
Odd, I thought, never seeing him around.

After the shower and in my PJs, I unfolded the paper and began scanning.
Then I noticed the date. It was dated a year from now.
How could that be? Must be a misprint.
The newspaper was probably receiving calls from hundreds of people.
Oh well, I thought to myself. No biggie. Then, as I started reading, none of the news made any sense.
One hundred of the world’s brightest young people, ages 9-17, chosen to save the planet.

I continued reading this fantastic article and goose bumps prickled throughout my body.
The paper reported that an inter-planetary League of Beings had been watching Earth develop for a millennium.
I read on:
Non-interference was their primary intent. Intervention was now needed in order to save Earth.
This inter-planetary League said that Earth was a divine experiment which held great potential for evolution. That free will had never been interfered with.

Decisions born out of greed, the continual abuse of living creatures, and our diminished resources were destroying us.
This had reached a quickly approaching danger zone. All this has resulted in an Inter-Planetary intervention on a grand scale.

The League acknowledged there were countless efforts being made on Earth itself.
Some remarkable and brilliant.
However, growing unrest and disagreement had demanded the evolution of this council. This planet would reach catastrophic levels in 50 years.  The article continued;
The World Council was chosen from both children and young adults around the world. They were inheriting all this.
The overall intention is to correct the downward spiraling that would end in extinction. This diverse group of extraordinary children had already set out to establish stopgaps and cooperative partnership between all nations.

There would also be 10 adults from a wide variety of enterprises and governments chosen from around the world as well. This Included two world leaders, two environmental scientists educated in global matters of re- foresting the planet, new energy production and ocean rehabilitation.
Three world renowned health specialists with true vision and imagination behind them… The list went on.

I sat there wondering where this had all come from.
I also thought, “wouldn’t this just be wonderful.”
I hoped this was indeed true.
I knew I would be looking for the newsboy tomorrow.

Enjoy your week!

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