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Spring is almost here…

From my chair to yours…

“Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again.” -Gustav Mahler-Richard Bach

It is fast approaching spring in the Northern Hemisphere and if you celebrate Easter; I wish you a grand weekend in all the ways you hold dear. For the universalists, I wish you an abundant day of gifts and magic! The natural world of Gaia is about renewal and rebirth, but for all of us it is early spring, and a time to celebrate coming out of our caves.

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I am ready for spring! In my area of the country; I see the buds beginning to come alive. It is a glorious season gifting me in ways that can’t help but bring a smile to my face. As I walk, I spy the scurrying robins as they begin their search for their delights and little hidden peeps are heard.

One of my walking trails has trees surrounding an area I think of as my private labyrinth. The buds are just beginning to plump up and soon the trees will be mantled with beautiful purplish rose flowers. When in blossom, these trees completely hide this little area. It is simply lovely.

A few facts about the Easter and the rabbit: I wondered where the rabbit entered this time of enchantment.

The rabbit was a symbol of fertility from pagan times that grew and stayed. The rabbit was the animal symbol of the festival of Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility. In 325 AD, it was decided that Easter would take place on the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox rather than on a specific calendar date.

I remember when I was about 4 or 5 years old, I would visit my maternal grandparents in the town of Lindenhurst. This was a small town on Long Island, NY. The fire department was always in one of the many parades, always going on. This time of year, the Easter parade was an enormous affair. I had a yellow dress with white petticoats, a yellow satin ribbon sash, and black patent leather shoes with a little bow. My grandfather, papa, would walk down the main street in town holding my hand. He was a big man and was proud of me. A memory worth keeping.

Years later, I would twirl my baton into the air and be in the parade myself!

Fused copyright free images to create this playful piece. Also, the cover of my book; Tiny Stories.

I never had a rabbit as a pet when I was little, though some friends did. Cuddly little creatures and so soft and friendly. Hmmm, I wonder how one or two would do in my apartment?

It is both amazing how many varieties of faiths celebrate the multitude of seasons in different ways. I am not a religious person, but love reading about the different faiths. I am a metaphysician and enjoy studying those areas outside the physical world. This includes religions, beliefs, meditation to name a few. The term metaphysical can become abstract in its definition.

I am philosophical about life, with a strong connection with my belief in divine wisdom, God/Spirit/Source, and how I co-create with life.
For me, I am at my happiest to walk in nature with little creatures about feeling that deep connection with God.

A little Haiku I put together to celebrate the moon.

The Moon Arrives

Blanketing our world,
in dreams, bringing the prayers
of others to her.

Besides my longing,
spoken on lips all alone
she now hold yours too.

The luminous clouds
gently play with the bright moon,
hearing the hearts call.

Poetry on wings,
she receives them with sweetness,
radiating love.

The view from my bedroom window a few nights ago.

Have a day of grace and joy however you spend it!

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