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The Fool

From my chair to yours…

"Pay attention to the Fool when he comes and spins you around.His usual purpose is to awaken a Soul.”

What do you think of when I say fool? Being the Fool differs from fooling around. Being foolish and ofcourse the well-known; let’s fool around. I used to think of the fool as being stupid, juvenile, silly and not to be taken serious. In time, my definition has changed a lot.

Most of the books that I keep are well read, dog-eared and the “snap” of newness has long passed. I love them all. One book in particular is a masterpiece of turned over pages, clips, comments written all over the pages, and arrows penned throughout.

Before I retired, or rather re-invented myself, I let go of 2 businesses/professions I was actively practicing. I let them go after 10+ years to publish my writing, to write books. One of my professions was as a SoulCollage facilitator. I won’t go into it too much except to say, check it out! It was an opening for me to become more intuitive with a collage process. I found so many parts of myself and my understanding expanded for myself and what I found in others. This self-discovery also brought me into a wider community.

Seena Frost was the creator of SoulCollage. She was a respected psychologist and theologian. One of her favorite archetypes was the Fool. This is one of the key points in my life where I learned point of view, dimension about myself and what would come into my awareness with more light. I am still learning about my journey every day, but back to the Fool.

I don’t try to figure my Fool out. Where have I been that the Fool didn’t show up in my life? Oh, that would take many pages, but it is a trip filled with more fun now that I have learned to laugh when my Fool shows up. It is dissimilar (and feels distinctly different). If I call myself a fool, it feels like shaming, rather than noticing the game is alive and well, that the Fool has come to visit. That brings a smile. I have learned to love the Fool in me that pops up to hang out. Funny thing about my Fool, he pops up just when I need to take myself a bit less seriously. He has become an ally.

The SoulCollage card I created for my fool card in 2016.

It gets quite interesting when my Fool comes out to play and another part is hanging out I call The Judge. We all have these parts that co-exist with others. There are also parts that are unique to just you.

Seena said that the Fool punctures our complacency, too proud, too pompous, and especially when we’ve gotten off track from our coding, our path in life.

This concept works for me. I do laugh at my life and enjoy spending time with my Fool. I would love to have you share any comments about your experience with your Fool and how it’s going.

Have a fun week ahead!

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