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Are you hearing the bells?

From my chair to yours…

There have been a lot of posts written lately about creativity. I’m all in for this, as it is a gift we all have, and the energy of life.
I’m going to throw my post in the ring too! These are my feelings and opinions.

Whether you refer to it as a gift or another word is just fine with me. I’m happy if you recognize it, feed it, share it and make inspired babies with your unique type of creativity!

Do you have that special passion for cooking? or massaging? or both!
Maybe it’s writing. What do you like to write about?
Perhaps those plants in your apartment( or the ones you’ve wanted to buy) bring a passion to your heart. It may be for your outside garden.
Begin those cello lessons!
Have fun with exploring areas you have wondered about. Continue doodling!
Life is meant to be lived and fun is highly recommended!

What gives you that light, that certain feeling of complete absorption when you begin to……knit? or, sketch? or help someone? ER work? Taking selfies/photography?

There will always exist a part of us that is the naysayer. “Who do you think you are?” “ You can’t do this.” “ You’re not good at talking, just sit down.” There are other parts of us as well.
In the tale of Two Wolves, an elder is speaking to his grandson, who has a fight going on inside him. “Which wolf will win?” and the grandfather replies, “The one you feed.”

“A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life”
– Elizabeth Gilbert

Reach out for that other part of you that says….” Yes, go for it!” “Just enjoy the feeling!” Make this part of you larger and more important. It is.

We all have our demons and muses and inner voices. This is part of growing into who we are. Some of us have more to overcome but, if it’s something important to accomplish, seek support. Support comes in methods and the most delicious one is inside us and it’s waiting to be asked for guidance from most of us if we can hear it.

Hearing the Bells

This story is told from the Soul’s point of view of a woman’s life well- lived. The woman is now in advancing years. She is an elder, a sage and wildly beautiful in mind, body, and spirit.

The woman is looking back on her life as a young girl; moments of confusion, anger, outrageous happiness, and lost most of the time.
One day, this young girl hears soft bells, like chimes. She has no one to speak to about the soft sounds she hears or what is happening in her thoughts.
In her young existence, she has already experienced an intense life.
Trust is difficult.

The Soul is aware that what the young girl hears is her heart’s wisdom calling to her. It has been nudging her since birth to get her attention. She hadn’t been ready to listen to this always-patient part of her guide that was assigned to her from before the girls birth.
Back to the story.

One day, her great- aunt visited the young girl and her family. She invited her niece for a walk. During the last days of autumn, the snow, often showing a youthful bluster of the approaching winter, drifted down. Today was one of those days. A time of stillness. Some trees still had the gold and crimson leaves holding on. Other trees had already entered the sleep of winter.

The walk was a visual feast.

As they walked and continued to watch the world around them quietly unfold, they talked, and the aunt listened to the girl.
Her aunt always seemed to have a twinkle in her eyes as she explained to her niece that she had been born with unique gifts. That everyone was born with gifts.

That the gifts were now waking up, wanting to come alive.

Some sooner than others.

This would be the day the little girl would understand the sound of the bells.

Have an amplified week!

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