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From my chair to yours…

“We do pray for mercy; And that same prayer doth teach us all to render the deeds of mercy.”
– William Shakespeare

What is mercy?

Things happen to us all the time. Sometimes it can be a major mistake, or hurt caused by someone very close. At those times when we strike back and say, or do something in reaction causes a rift, the effects of which may last for years, even lifetimes, though it lasted a split second.

It’s all a learning experience, at least that’s what the wiser part of me says. But, at the time, and lasting longer than that, the pain of unforgiveness for others and ourselves is horrible, injuring our soul.

I believe that parts of our soul may leave, hide, and wait patiently to be found and be made whole again. Love and mercy are fundamental to the healing.
One term I relate to is the retrieval of the soul.

We all have stories and will gather many more in our lives.

Walking my life with mercy has helped me. I still have miles to go.

Things we do to people we love can be intentional or not. Things we do to ourselves in a split second in the name of …a thrill? A pettiness? Getting even?

If I have been honest and noticed the harm I have caused, what do I do after?

Is living in that hell where mercy begins?

When I was in my early 30s, I thought I was being noble by a decision I made. I told a young man I loved very much that I needed to leave him. That I needed to find my self. This broke his heart and mine. But I stood fast and yet I couldn’t forgive myself. It nearly destroyed me for years to come. The young man married someone shortly after, and I found I couldn’t forgive him for that. This was all part of my personal journey. To find my self, and to learn the miraculous aspects of forgiveness; the power of mercy.

The process of understanding what forgiveness and mercy were would take me many places. Again, my personal journey.

I now realize that when I can not speak with another because of circumstances, mercy is no less powerful.

I could never contact or find my young man to say how sorry I was. But I reached out though other means of communication to speak the words of fogiveness and mercy.

I hope my posts will never be dull and often ignite your mind and heart.

I will do my best.

Enjoy your week!

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