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Taking A Little Time Off

From my chair to yours…

I am a wee bit under the weather lately. Seems I have bronchitis. Getting better, and there is a gentle nudging in all this I want to recognize. So, I am taking some time off to listen (and perhaps get back to my book).

Here is something for you to read from Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts.
Maybe you also feel called to listen to any nudging, as I feel called to do.

Ancestral Dreaming

If you will allow your mind to wander,
become a benign witness.
Notice life around you.
Marvel at all this life we have lived through so far.
Raging tears at injustice, stupidity, some view as trivia.
Unbelievable loving care that flow forth from strangers.
Belly laughs and joy.
There really aren’t any strangers in the book of life.
The veil of differences between us is so sheer.
Why are we often so thick headed?
Some of us love to experience the roller coaster of life.
or, a smooth, measured existence is more often sought after.
What roots of lineage are ingrained in our DNA?
Maybe we are all the same family?
What journeys are still to come?
Even now unfolding?
Can we look forward with anticipation?
Or are we too exhausted?
There may be a gentle, skillful nudging that moves us forward.
That helps us on our meandering voyage of life.
We are not alone.
Never alone.

Sending love….

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