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Please come and listen!

Authors panel on June 12th….7-8:30 PM


The bronchial cold I had has lasted 5 weeks! I am so much better, but not up to full speed yet. It has given me time to pause and look around, literally, from my chair and learn to be even more grateful for my apartment-home, and the days when I knew I was getting better and for an appetite that hasn’t abated….that will have to be attended to on my walks when they start up again.

An deepening introspective time…

I went out last evening and listened to a great Brazilian group. Their name is Minas Brazilian Music, and they played at the Phoenixville library. Something is always going on there, actually, several things. I am happy to say, the easy upbeat samba music enlivened me even more. There always seems to be a smile in the vocals. The Portuguese language is so lovely. I was there a few times as a very young girl with my parents. They were tap dancers and dad was a jazzman. The shipping line had contracted them to entertain, and I suppose had a few “club dates” in Brasil. This was back in the late 1950s and sailing across the equator was a crazy time.

Partying among adults involved drinking, throwing spaghetti onto other almost naked bodies, cold dead fish. Looking back, I was terrified.

On my second voyage, this young girl knew what to expect!

I still remember the samba in the air, the colorful skirts and the wide open trolleys going up the steep hills.

Tonite is my writing group. I have been going for the better part of fifteen years…some longer. It is a magical experience what comes forth with pen to paper in 10 minutes! Listening to the other stories read by my group in response to a prompt is always amazing.Thanks for reading Kas’s Substack! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

I have been invited to be on a stunning Author’s panel to share one of my stories from my last book that was published. There will be 7 other writers who I am looking forward to sharing this event with.
It will be on June 12th and run from 7PM-8:30 PM ET.
It is free!

Please click here to find out more and hopefully register for this Free Zoom.


Support is always lovely and encouraging.

Relax in the privacy of your home/office or at a friend’s place to listen to a 5 minute reading from each of us.

Be well!

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