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You can, you should,
and if you’re brave enough to start,
you will.
—Stephen King

Ihad been in a cocoon of solitude for over two years.
When the Coronavirus arrived, the forced isolation felt familiar already.
To give room for what was happening, I started slowing down my professional life.
My hypnotherapy and my blended practices.
This also included my SoulCollage® and Creativity groups.

I was attached to my practices.
I was attached to my groups, the people I played with, discovered with, and cried with.

Trusting that tiny steps are the best way to live my life, I surrendered.
A slow, thoughtful, step-by-step process began.
It was clear I desired to rediscover me.

My whole being needed space to grow. I had to let go of things.
I found I needed a lot of rest. A lot of quiet.
My walks became longer. My journaling was more absorbing.
I doodled more. I ordered more colors, different pencils!
I played with sketching.
I made friends with my Muses.
I found I really like photography, again!
Most of all, I began writing a lot. I viewed what I had saved over time. Re-viewed the countless pages with a sharper eye. Tossed out many, saved some and picked up and edited those I felt had value.
CK Sobey had come alive! That is the name I chose to write with.
I am now creating another book that I am having fun with (between the pulling my hair out).
As J. M. Barrie said, “Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.”
Effort and being in the zone with my Muses are how I spend most of my days.

I am having fun still seeking what is hiding.
As Sherlock Holmes would say, “The game is afoot!”

The easy way out might be to say, “I am retired.” But I’m not. Recalibrating fits better. Reimagining my life is even better.

My friend says I am in my “sage years.” I am richer for my life and all it has brought me, taught me, moving along on my Soul’s Journey.

The creative process is mystifying. I am doing my best to follow where inspiration takes me. It can move pretty fast.

As I write this, we are still in the midst of COVID-19, but it seems to be slowing down from all the variations.

If you are curious to know more about me, click on the links below.

Thank you for wondering who I am and what my story has been so far.
Please remember to check out any of my books either on Amazon, your favorite bookstores, or ask your local library. The name is CK Sobey.

Jobs, Jobs, and More...

Everyone has a different work style, a different personality style. Some of us will work the same job/profession their whole life. Others move from one occupation to another, sometimes aimlessly.

I am a renaissance soul. There are many of us, and we don’t all live our lives the same way. I like to experience, to explore in different areas. This is my work style.

Restaurant and catering work is where I learned about service and how I felt about it. This is where I learned that good food and conversation at the table made for a fuller life. To this day, I love to entertain, set a good table with good food, and share with others. I relish taking my time.

Years later, I needed a change of direction. I answered an ad in a newspaper for a store clerk with a paint company. This turned into 30 years of working in the corporate world. Decorating and later snippets of interior design. Seminars, travel, and more responsibility.

I realized I was more productive having my office at home.

The study of Body, Mind, and Spirit became my lifelong companion. This crystalized the foundation of my beliefs, my sense of how life works, and how I was to view life. I earned a BA in Metaphysical Arts. One weekend, I explored some classes in Conflict Resolution. This was also to become a foundation for who I was in life. How I showed up. How I was to look at conflict.

I opened a business with five people. The business began to thrive and flourish, eventually growing to twelve people. There were a lot of egos.

It was time to let go.

I moved back east from California. I missed the seasons. I had experienced three major earthquakes; I didn’t want to experience another. I had enjoyed a vacation in the Philadelphia area and really liked it. This is where I moved my home to. Serendipity played a larger role in my life.
I was to meet my future husband here.

I explored being a Realtor for six years. I started in real estate just when the market crashed. Being innovative and resilient every day was not easy.
People have always been the heart for me.
I was and still am a very curious person. This realization stirred me and brought me back to exploring consciousness studies in a larger, more innovative way.

Coincidences occurred more often.

I hung my shingle out and became a full-time practicing Hypnotherapist.
I specialized in Complementary Medicine and a few other stunning therapies.

SoulCollage® came into my life. It opened up a deeper understanding of myself. It is a brilliant process of play and depth. I wanted to share this with people, with groups, so I became a facilitator. JourneyCircles™ followed several years later and was a beautiful weave with SoulCollage®. The simplicity and depth of the Labyrinth was also added to my practice.

Short Personal Highlights

I’ve always had the travel bug. Maybe because my parents trekked around a lot and this is what ignited my interest. I have that inner nomad who craves to wander. It would have been much easier if I had also had the sense to move with less baggage (in every way) through my earlier numerous moves.

I have lived many places in the U.S.: Austin, Texas; Western Massachusetts; San Diego, California; NYC (grew up there); and currently, Southeastern Pennsylvania. I have skied in Colorado and rafted down raging whitewater (very scary) on the Green River in Arizona while listening to shamanic drumming.

I feel I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of so many places I have visited. France, many times over the years. I love the southern part. England is a favorite I have also visited many times, especially Cornwall, which is the very southernmost region of England. I have generations of ancestry there. I studied the Cornish language for a year or so. Difficult to keep it going if you’re not in conversation with someone often.

Going to Turkey many years ago was something I will never forget. Extraordinary experience to hear the muezzins singing the Call for Prayer. This trip was a spiritual sojourn into Christianity, Judaism, and the Islamic faiths. Almost three weeks of traveling all over by bus, plus two domestic flights. The mixture of religions, food, people, culture was heady! I loved it!
Often in my journeys, I didn’t know anyone in the groups beforehand. It takes a moment to feel a kinship. I always have loved this feeling. Leaving each other as friends. Sometimes, good friends!

I was in Portugal for an incredible SoulCollage® retreat. I would go back in a moment. So many unforgettable times; getting lost in the Cork forest, sailing to places I thought only existed in dreams…

Italy is a “delicious” country. I love to cook and eat, so this is somewhere I hope to spend more time. My husband proposed to me in Florence! I love the ease of just sitting with a glass of wine or an espresso and people-watching!

I would recommend riverboat cruising to anyone searching for a getaway to relax. My maiden voyage was with Ron to celebrate Christmas on several rivers in Europe. Gliding down the rivers had a romantic and childlike quality. Walking through different towns as night approached was like a fairytale. Warm glug (mulled spiced wine), or hot tea to drink with pastries, was different at every port.

This cruise inspired me to love life just a little more.

So, this is it as of this writing!
I will see what my nomad has a taste for next.

I decided to follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole,
to see where it might lead.
Being a curious person, how could I not?

Once Upon a Time

I started studying music seriously in junior high school. Singing was always my instrument. I sang in several choral groups during junior high. One group, All City Glee Club, went to Carnegie Hall!
What a time growing up.
Someday I may write a book about it!

I wanted to conduct great pieces of music, symphonies! I thought I might be an oceanographer at one point. While digging deeper into spiritual studies, I was ordained as a nondenominational minister. This was a path I might have followed more actively. Another path called me. At one point, I planned to teach conflict resolution in prisons.

Don’t we all wonder about where the other road(s) might have taken us?

I have been “casting” the runes since I was a teenager. It’s another way of asking for guidance. Watching the random way the runes show up is always remarkable.
Surprising and unplanned, yet never without relevant information. It is always extraordinary to me to see what answers/responses are offered.

I believe Providence is just a breath away, waiting for us to notice.

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