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One of my favorite creative modes of expressing myself is writing.
My hopes are that my writing comes across clearly yet with its own flair for everyone to enjoy in their own way.
I often write musings in the form of my Quarterlies. I plan on writing more articles for
e-zines. In the past, I have enjoyed writing a few stories for hard copies of a magazine or smaller newspapers.
Most of all, I hope to write more books! I have several segments of stories waiting to be entered in the computer.
When I bought a newer laptop, I was amazed at all it can do to assist me with the inputting of these stories. The technology never ceases to amaze me. All in its own place and time though. I mostly hand write my writing. I flow differently with pen in hand. More imagination seems to come through without the effort of seeing typos and grammar (glad to have it though).
Cooking is also another way that I produce and play.
Perhaps one day I will write about my various experiences with soup and ladle. I would love to share a pinch of some family lore and dash of my own recipes!
If you find that you are entertained, inspired or that what you have read propels you towards your own type of creative expression, I would love to know!
Comments, reviews or “like” me on my social network pages are very welcome!
There is a sign-up list in the sidebar if you would like to continue to receive my Quarterlies and any other writing.

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