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A walk in the park

I will remember the sun on my face yesterday. I will remember the clouds travelling across the sky. Growing in intensity, angry. I will remember how the clouds blocked the sun from warming my face. Every day things are changing…

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Gazing Time

I watch from my solitary place as the clouds dance freely about the sky. Wondering at the mystery behind it all. Where does the wind come from that the clouds find their dance? Beautiful shadows that change by moments. Later,…

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And it Came to Pass

And it came to pass that throughout the land an idea was born. It grew slowly among people and creatures alike. There were many that were against the idea. Who could not wrap their minds around it. Their hearts had…

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An Idea

I am an idea. I inspire and ignite people to create. My next project involves building a relationship with a particular pen. This will succeed because the pen wishes me to flow freely from its proud fountain of ink. We…

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Remember, Remember Not

Remember the time I really saw the clouds. They magically traveled across the sky with a breath from the Gods. Remember not the dark times too much. They were scary stuff but, brought strength of courage and gave me the…

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Walking in the Rain

I am cozy and sheltered under my umbrella. Looking up at the underside, enchanting with a Monet impression. I listen to the rain as the soaking splashes down onto the lush, green leaves around me. Wanting to believe the tall…

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