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Kas is a naturally gifted healer. The purity of her intention, the generosity of her heart and the strength of her talents combine to create a truly remarkable healing space for the client. And her gorgeous, soothing voice is pure magic! She guides you gracefully and skillfully into the very depth of your being, the source of all healing and transformation.
– Suzanne Eder, Solid Ground

I wanted to take some to tell you how much I received from even our short sessions. My resultant learned practice, to relax and ease stress, has improved my daily experiences immensely. Your ability to place me in such a relaxed mode was unexpected and wonderful.
– Ronald A. Knabb, FARA, The Knabb Partnership

I’d like to thank you for all your warm, wonderful help. It was, as always, easy to relax with you and trust that wherever we went, everything was fine. I know that as time marches forward you will help a lot of people to find their inner sense of self and calm.
– Sandy Collins, The Isis Group

Kas’ trust, sincerity, and honesty helped explore some of my most personal relationships. She listened to ME. Thank you Kas!
– Susan Williams, PPG Pittsburgh Paints

I’ve known Kas personally for several years and can truly say that she is one of the most positive-energy people I know. Her consistently optimistic outlook translates into everything she does, and as a hypno-therapist this can only mean one thing: she’s fabulously committed to your success! Don’t think twice about working with her… you’ll just waste more time procrastinating with your roadblocks! I adore her to pieces!
– Jean Curtis, Curtis Solutions Network, Inc.

I didn’t really know what to expect during my session with Kas, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out how professional she was and how enlightening my session was. It had such a calming effect on me. I have also received a CD from Kas and find that I listen to it before bed when I have had an especially stressful day and need something to help me relax. Kas has a very calming and relaxing way of speaking, which helps you feel at ease.
– Mary Ann Carfagno

I had occasionally smoked cigars then was up to about 10 or more a week and decided it was time to do something, so I enrolled in one of Kas’s quit smoking classes in November 2011 and with her help have been smoke free ever since. Thanks for your help Kas and keep helping others.
– Mark K

I met Kas in an advanced hypnosis training class last year. She impressed me as a serious minded person who is truly interested in learning the deeper techniques of the mind/body connection, and also utilizing the newest research in her work to assist her clients and people in general. I correspond with her regularly and I am glad, as a colleague, that we share so many professional interests. Kas is one of the best!
– Donald Pelles, Hypnosis Silver Spring

Kas Sobey and I have been friends for over 20 years. I met her when she was a sales representative with a major paint and coatings company. Kas helped me grow my business. She always seemed to be knowledgeable about finding the way out of a problem. In any endeavor she tries, and she always seemed to excel to be the best. Kas is very supportive of others. Kas has always helped me to support my business and myself. She was always ready to give ideas to make things more successful.
– Robert DiPinto

First of all I AM HONORED that you are in my life. Your presence exudes love unconditionally. You have blessed me with not only your hypno coaching but also your personal coaching skills. I wanted to let everyone know that not only will their life be empowered with Kas’ coaching work both with the conscious mind and subconscious processes, it will help transform their life/dreams. When you meet Kas be ready, as she will greet you with the most loving, soft, and soothing voice you have ever heard. Her Blue eyes will melt your spirit, and you will be guided so softly and gently into the depth of your soul for healing. I AM truly grateful, Blessings.
– Linda Rae, Rae of Healing, Holistic Healer

Kas has always struck me as being one of those rare people with an almost unique mixture of happiness and contentment with the world, mixed with a very deep and personal empathy with the individual. Searching for that ‘Inner Harvest’ which lies within every person is, with the majority, a supreme challenge, yet the gentle, direct persuasive,exploring and building techniques employed by Kas produces within the individual a feeling of greater acceptance and contentment. Developing the art of cultivating and harvesting this inner landscape through Kas’ teaching, inevitably leads to a spreading of that happiness and contentment which she exudes.
– Howard Curnow, Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd, writer and travel guide, Cornwall, England

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